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RankFixer SEO Tools are designed to be easy to use and understand while at the same time powerful enough to give professional level information. 

With that in mind please feel free to ask questions. There is a community of professional Search Engine Optimizers available to answer any question you might have.


The concept behind Search Engine Optimization is that Search Engines like Google and Bing need to give the most accurate results and the most relevant answers each time someone uses them.  But many business websites struggle to show up in search results in searches they actually should be relevant in.

RankFixer SEO tools are intended to show why.  Years of explaining to people why one website shows up better in search results than another have taught us that comparison of websites is the easiest way to show what elements are important to Search Engines.

Simply stated there are two main areas website managers need to be concerned with, on site and inbound links. 

On-site optimization means making sure everything on a website is the best it can be to help the search engines understand what the site is about and how it might be relevant in search results.  In bound links are how the website is connected to the rest of the World Wide Web.   Search Engines,  analyze how a website is linked to others as an indication of what industry it may be related to and who or what websites think it is valuable.

What People Are Saying
  • Ann Smarty

    Rank Fixer is the first tool to refer to when you need to analyze your nearest competitors. It's very easy and fast. It will also help you define your next step to beating your competition as well create your optimization TO-DO list. My favorite feature is side-by-side comparison. It makes your life so much easier!

    Ann Smarty

  • Gabriel Gervelis

    RankFixer is an easy to use tool that any business owner can use. It has a simple and clean UI that delivers actionable information that will lead to high rankings.

    Gabriel Gervelis

    Alex Kine

    RankFixer puts an exclamation point on the fact that websites have to compete for visitor traffic. The Summary page helps website owners to understand the severity of the competitive situation. The supporting pages help owners and SEO professionals to agree on next steps.

    Alex Kine
    Website Optimization and SEO Consultant

  • Brandon Na

    There's a lot of folks who are out there to simply make money and not give value. I know the folks behind RankFixer.com are definitely not about making money, but about helping small business owners figure out how to improve their search engine exposure online. These guys are top notch and will do whatever they can to help other small businesses succeed like they have with many others. You can definitely trust the folks who created this great tool.

    Brandon Na

  • Scott Willoughby

    Everyone knows organic search is one of the most effective ways to drive new business. RankFixer is a great set of tools to help any business owner maximize rankings and grow their business.

    Scott Willoughby
    Social Marketing & Engagement Manager

  • Brian Carter

    Awesome. A mountain of useful competitive data! These scores are a great tool for quickly communicating progress to SEO clients.

    Brian Carter

    Sean Maguire

    RankFixer is a powerful and easy to use SEO tool with a clean and intuitive interface that provides valuable and actionable intelligence. Rank Fixer will help anyone outrank their competition at a fraction of the cost of other premium tools on the market.

    Sean Maguire

  • Melanie Nathan

    Wow! This tool is super easy to use and provides a wealth of link data. The RankFixer is a no-brainer for serious SEOs and link builders.

    Melanie Nathan

    Adam Moore

    With RankFixer you are able to see what core tactics your competition used to rank well. From there you can layout your own strategy to out perform them. It’s a powerful tool that provides actionable tasks that will help your ranking efforts…all at a great price

    Adam Moore

The SEO tools here on RankFixer, focus heavily on two areas, on-site elements and links.

For the on page elements, the RankFixer Spider crawls the entire domain (including sub-domains) and breaks the website down into the elements that Search Engines look at to determine the subject and relevance.  By understanding what is important by comparison to webpages that rank well in search results against one that does not it makes it easy to see what needs to be improved on the page in order to gain better search ranking.

Just because a human visiting a webpage can instantly see what the subject of the website is, does not mean a search engine will do the same.  Search Engines use Spiders to go out and search the web for connections between websites and the elements it discovers on domains. Then that information is evaluated against the data collected on other domains. Then the Search Engine determines where the information should be relevant and how it should rank in results with other domains in that vertical. The SEO tools here should help demonstrate that.

Links are also evaluated by Search Engines and so some links become more important that others.  For instance one website may have thousands of links from directories all over the Internet and not rank as well in search results as a website that has a very few links from authority websites.  So the SEO tools on RankFixer give different values to links to show why one website does better in search results.